Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00072]AROUND THE WORLD IN WONDER SOCKS

The witty and sometimes poignant travel tales of a man with no plan. Former BBC journalist Arthur Penlington set off armed only with what turned out to be an illegal plane ticket, a small backpack and two pairs of very expensive socks. The result is a book packed full of wild, weird and wonderfully heartwarming encounters across the globe.

There are lovemaking tips from an Indonesian gigolo, mystical moments in ancient temples and the thrill of driving a passenger train in Burma. The world’s most beautiful woman tells of legendary encounters in Hollywood and stone age tribes warn about standing on rocks.

Along the way there are late night lock-ins with monks, touching tales from a Vietnamese war widow, two wedding proposals in ten minutes and etiquette tips for watching movies in Belgium and Laos.

Around The World In Wonder Socks is, above all, an encouragement call to the middle-aged to put some sparkle, spontaneity, fun and excitement back into travel.

16 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hello Arthur,

    It’s a bit late but Tim and I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed your talk at Towcester Library, it was so much of an inspiration that we used a coin to decide on which film to see at the Erroll Flynn cinema – it was a choice between “Addicted to Sheep” and “Escoban – Paradise Lost”. Sadly we missed out on the sheep (but the Paradise Lost film was very good though)! If you ever need a bed in Northamptonshire just let us know.

    Thank you for sharing your life with us and motivating us again. We will be taking a coin with us on our adventures too.

    Alison and Tim


    1. Hi Alison and Tim

      Many apologies for the very, very late reply. Your email arrived in between leaving the UK and arriving back in Australia and I’ve only just started updating the website.
      It was lovely to meet you at Towcester, thanks for coming to the talk and I’m reLly glad you enjoyed it.
      It was fun to hear about your own coin tossing! I remember you said you’d done a whole heap of travelling and I’m glad the book is inspiring up to get back out there – it’s an amazing world.
      Let me know your future travel plans, you never know, we might cross paths somewhere other than the UK.
      All the very best,


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