Around The World In Wonder Socks

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00072]

The witty and sometimes poignant travel tales of a man with no plan. Former BBC journalist/producer/editor Arthur Penlington set off armed only with what turned out to be an illegal plane ticket, a small backpack and two pairs of very expensive socks. Wonder Socks is packed full of wild, weird and wonderfully heartwarming encounters.across the globe.

There are lovemaking tips from an Indonesian gigolo, mystical moments in ancient temples and the thrill of driving a passenger train in Burma.

The world’s most beautiful woman tells of legendary encounters in Hollywood and stone age tribes warn about standing on rocks.

Along the way there are late night lock-ins with monks, touching tales from a Vietnamese war widow, two wedding proposals in ten minutes and etiquette tips for watching movies in Belgium and Laos.

Around The World In Wonder Socks is, above all, an encouragement call to the middle-aged to put some sparkle, spontaneity, fun and excitement back into travel.

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