“…a delightful book. When somebody has the courage to cut his ties with convention and the boring way of doings things, and writes about it with charm and wit, it’s likely to be worth reading. The book is a joy and a delight, and I’d recommend it to anyone. It’s the ultimate book of escape.”

John Simpson, BBC World Affairs Editor

“Great fun. Former BBC man ventures into the unknown, not knowing what may turn up … just simply, happily, travelling.”

Kate Adie, Author, War Correspondent

“This book captivated me. Arthur has a terrific writing style and a great sense of humour.”

Annie Grossman, Annie’s Books.

“Fabulously funny, hilarious in parts and thoroughly enjoyable. Loved it,”

D Mulder

‘His tales are delightful, his destinations fascinating. This is a book for everyone who has dreamed what it would be like to pack up the day job and live life to the full… and who hasn’t thought of doing that? Highly recommended.’

V Riddell

“There are some wonderful laugh out loud moments. A feel good book which is confessional, cosy and extremely well written.”

Suzy B

“Honest, insightful and very humorous. This is a great read.”

D Henderson

‘The pace we are taken on this remarkable journey, the fresh, sharply observed descriptions of people, places and situations make this one of the best travel tales I have ever read. It is a true story shared through the eyes of a man who’s profession has shown him some of the worst that humanity can do to itself. Despite this, his tale shows us that he has fallen in love with a world that is a heart warmingly positive place around which to travel.’

J Kang

‘It shows it is possible to follow your dreams no matter what age you are but most of all it renews your faith in the vast majority of the human race.’

A White

“A zest for life. I applaud him for his wonderful writing skills – this book is a gem – buy it.”

Mr D

‘It’s not a list of places to go – it’s more (for me) about the people who make, or made, those places. There lies its charm. Great stories, well told.

Paul P











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